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Oceania.stosunki.pl is the first Polish website devoted to South Pacific region. It has been created in May 2002 with use of following Internet resources: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, British Broadcasting Corporation, Central Intelligence Agency, Lonely Planet, South Pacific Organizer, Pacific Islands Research Center, Poland's Foreign Affairs Ministry, Radio New Zealand, Great Internet Encyclopedia and others.

A U T H O R S    P R O F I L E:

Przemyslaw Przybylski Artur Rumianek
Born in 1975. Currently holds position of Warsaw Chopin Airport spokesman. Before he was a spokesman of State Forests and Social Insurance Institution. As a journalist Przemyslaw was bound with Polish Television, RMF FM (Poland's leading radio station) and Express Wieczorny. Przemyslaw is interested in Oceania's geography. Born in 1972. Currently director in Gremi Group. Before bound with Polish TelevisionRadio Krakow (Krakow's regional broadcaster) and Przekrój Magazine. Interested in politics, military matters and forestry, his leisure time mostly spends with his computer creating video-art pieces.

Special contributor: Tomasz Telega

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This service does not contain full English version. In order to find comprehensive review of Oceania's independent states and territories please visit following websites:

 ABC - Charting the Pacific
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 CIA - The World Factbook
 Lonely Planet
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New hospital for Tonga
King Tupou VI proudly opened the Vaiola Hospital's building, built under a $40 million pa'anga (US$23.1 million) final phase redevelopment, with assistance from Japan, that has given the people of Tonga a hospital facility of an international standard.
Call from Kiribati
The Kiribati Government wants people to eat healthy, traditional food. But their gardens are being ruined by salt water.
Cable to bring high-speed internet to FSM and RMI
The Federated States of Micronesia Telecommunications Company (FSMTC) and the Marshall Islands Telecommunications Authority (MINTA) have entered into contracts with Tyco Telecommunications for the deployment of extensions to the HANTRU1 Cable System currently under construction between Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Guam in the western equatorial Pacific.

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